The timeless aspect of landscaping projects fascinates Filip Van Damme, especially in gardens that look uncomplicated and casual. In nature, nothing is produced without reason. Consequently, every element in a garden project is meaningful. With the intention of emphasising the timelessness of his own designs, Filip Van Damme uses exceptionally plain and sustainable materials like natural clay pavers.

Project details

Reference object Private house in Marke, Belgium
Client Private
Architect Filip Van Damme, Bellegem
Used Pavers Trendline Caron paving plate
Completion 2014

Terrace with dark clay pavers and garden in the back with playing kids

Private House in Marke, Belgium

Terrace with dark clay pavers

Private House in Marke, Belgium

Dark clay pavers with garden in the back

Private House in Marke, Belgium

A garden to relax

Filip Van Damme: “Everyday life is currently characterised by a hectic pace, both in the professional and personal spheres. A lot of people want to spend their spare time relaxing in the garden. In a garden that urgently needs maintenance, this is, of course, far more difficult. That’s why I prefer to design plain and low-maintenance gardens, where one can relax and take a break from everyday life. I can achieve this peace and quiet by using clear, plain lines in combination with an alternation of plants, paved areas and soft and hard materials”.

The perfect paver

Upon hearing the word “paver”, people often think of rustic, classic architecture and a dark or red-brown colouring. Thanks to continuous efforts in the product development area undertaken by manufacturers like Wienerberger, builders, architects and specifiers can now choose from a particularly comprehensive choice of pavers with various colours, surface finishes and formats. Even clients preferring an ultra-modern architectural style can find what they’re looking for.

For this modern private house in Marke, Filip Van Damme started searching for a paver that would perfectly match the architecture and style of the building. The black Wienerberger “Trendline Caron” paver presented the ideal solution.

Filip Van Damme: “With its square format, this product is more of a paving plate than a conventional paver. For me as an advocate of plain, modern gardens, this plate gives me the freedom to design creatively, while the client can take advantage of all the benefits of natural clay; sustainability, resistance to humidity and ease of care, to name just a few.”

A fascinating interplay of levels and materials

The pavers were laid using a stretcher bond for both the driveways at the front and the terraces and pathways at the back. The terrain showed several major level differences, which could be easily bridged with the “Trendline Caron”. An elevated terrace was laid out in the rear, which is connected to the house by a promenade. Along this walkway, only the upright edges and the curbs were executed with clay plates, whereas a gravel layer, the same colour as the plates, was chosen for the tread area itself. The ensemble radiates a sense of calm and balance, ensuring the ultimate aims of the owner and garden designer were realised.

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