The award

For more than one decade now, Wienerberger AG has been hosting the international “Wienerberger Brick Award” every two years, providing a stage for excellent brick architecture and its architects. Wienerberger initiated the Brick Award for the first time in 2004 in order to put this natural building material into the spotlight, demonstrating how exciting, exceptional and modern architecture using brick can be.
The spectrum of applications ranges from building solutions using classic clay blocks, facing bricks and roof tiles to the creative application of clay pavers and ceramic façade panels.
Although Wienerberger is the host of the award, it is an independent award and the use of Wienerberger products is no decisive factor for participation. Over the last years, projects have been submitted from all over the world and nominations as well as winners have been chosen using a wide range of manufacturers and brick types in all colours and shapes. In a dialogue with you, architects and architecture fans as well as critics, we want to further strengthen the public focus on the aesthetic and functional aspects of this great building material.

modern Public Transport Terminal birck facade glass doors by night Breda

Public Transport Terminal Breda, The Netherlands © René de Wit

brown brick facade private property front view house Foundry Mews

Foundry Mews, United Kingdom © Jack Hobhouse

brick built church street view brick buildings Kannikegården Denmark

Kannikegården, Denmark © Anders Sune Berg

red brick facade white brick facade apartment buildings courtyard Lorette Convent

Lorette Convent - Apartments Drbstr, Belgium © Bart Gosselin

Mews House, United Kingdom © Rory Gardiner

Mews House, United Kingdom © Rory Gardiner

grey brick facade building front view Staatsarchiv in Landshut

Staatsarchiv in Landshut, Germany © Edzard Probst

yellow brick facade apartment building side view Lorraine Coallia

Lorraine Coallia, France © Luc Boegly

red brick facade blindings balcony natural light window Cloaked in Bricks Iran

Cloaked in Bricks, Iran © Parham Taghioff

How to participate in the award - Submissions

The submission period for the Brick Award 2020 has already ended. Architects, international architecture critics, and journalists already submitted numberous projects. The 50 nominated projects will be revealed on this website as well as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter from November 2019 onwards. The winners will be communicated at the Brick Award ceremony at the end of May 2020.
An important criterion for the submission is that a significant part of the project must consist of clay building materials and it must be a current project, which has been completed in 2016 or later.

Kunstmuseum Basel - Brick Award 2018

The jury and winners

The award comprises of different categories that are subject to slight change depending on the year and the development of trends and current topics.
For the Brick Award 2020 the following categories will be awarded: Feeling at Home, Living Together, Working Together, Sharing Public Spaces and Building Outside the Box.
Between January and April 2017, 576 projects worldwide were submitted for the Wienerberger Brick Award 2018. An independent pre-jury panel consisting of architecture critics and journalists had the challenging task to narrow down this number to a total of 50 projects split into the five categories that were then nominated for the award. See all nominees of the Brick Award 2018.
Subsequently, an international jury of renowned architects, who change with every award, selected the winners within the categories including two Grand Prize winners. See who was on the jury board of the Brick Award 2018.
Assessment criteria include innovative design and architecture concept, skillful and innovative use of bricks as well as architecture quality in terms of aesthetics, shape and configuration of the project. Special attention is also directed to the adequacy of the project in relation to its intended purpose, building type and cultural context, as well as to sustainability and energy efficiency aspects.
The winners of the Wienerberger Brick Award are announced biennially at an award ceremony and presented, along with the 50 nominations in the accompanying ‘Brick’ book. Winning projects are endowed with price money and can be found all over the world. The first Wienerberger Brick Award in 2004 was won by Josef Pleskot in Czech Republic with his beautiful solution for a pedestrian passage in a castle park. In the following years the grand prizes went to Hungary, Germany, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Thailand, Spain Austria, and in 2018 to Belgium and Switzerland.

red and grey brick facade texture detail view Krøyers Plads Denmark

The Brick Book

The top 50 projects and the prize-winning buildings of the Wienerberger Brick Award are presented in the accompanying, elaborately designed architecture book called BRICK. The book gives people with an interest in architecture as well as experts an overview on current developments and trends in international brick architecture with its remarkable range of applications.
The projects are presented in the book with comprehensive texts by international architecture journalists, fascinating pictures and informative plans. Additionally, you find essays on current topics by renowned journalists and architects. The book series started in 2004 with the first Wienerberger Brick Award. The 8th edition “BRICK’18” book, is already out.  Find out more about the book.
Finally, we want to express our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of the award, especially the pre-jury panel and the jury who always work very hard on coming to a fair decision and making the best selection. A big thank you also goes out to people creating architecture who continually put brick in a new context, give it a new significance and thus accomplish unique architectural achievements.

Mews House, United Kingdom © Rory Gardiner

Further information and nominated projects

Read more about the Brick Award and get inspired by the nominated projects as well as winners for the Wienerberger Brick Award 2018 > Brick Award overview

Image copyrights  
Public Railway Passage Tilburg (Header Image) Stijn Bollaert
Kunstmuseum Basel Extension Rory Gardiner
Kroyers Plads Rasmus Hjortsjøj, COAST Studio
Mews House Rory Gardiner

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