Architect Kurt Reubens from Bonheiden has focused on timeless, contemporary architecture for the last ten years. He regularly works with Joos Tuinarchitectuur, an office that is also based in Bonheiden. The architects share the passion about sustainable, clear and contemporary architecture, which yet has a warm, natural appearance. When Kristof Joos asked him to design his private home with an adjoining office, both architects could fully act out their architectural passion.

Project details

Project Private project in Bonheiden, Belgium
Architect Kurt Reubens, Bonheiden in collaboration with Joos Tuinarchitectuur, Bonheiden
Clay pavers used Authentica Retro Nostalgie, unsanded
Paved area Approx. 100 m²

Private driveway infront of the house

Design of a private driveway in Bonheiden, Belgium

Private driveway

Design of a private driveway in Bonheiden, Belgium

Private driveway infront of the garden

Design of a private driveway in Bonheiden, Belgium

Person walking on the private driveway

Design of a private driveway in Bonheiden, Belgium

Sustainable, surprising and compact

The private home of landscape architect Joos is located on the edge of an industrial estate. For that reason, the concept of the house attached primary importance to maximum protection of privacy. The storage building was constructed at the back, whereas the residence with the adjoining office is located on the street side.

Harmony of interior and exterior

The plain street façade was finished with a glued on black facing brick, Terca Agora graphite black. For the paving, the architects chose the clay paver Authentica Retro Nostalgie, unsanded. Both the colour and the stretcher bond used for walls and paving ensure a harmonious entity. In front of the house, on the drive approaching from the street and on the path running alongside the house towards the storage building, a total area of approximately 100 m2 was covered with clay pavers.
Kurt Reubens comments on their joint decision:
“We decided to use clay pavers because they allow a natural and beautifully aging paving. The paved area at the common entrance to the house and the office generates an additional playful and natural touch, which is continued in the hallway. The love of nature is also tangible in other areas: the client planted – literally and in a metaphorical sense – trees in the meeting room, which he aptly named “Brainforest”. Other natural elements are the wooden battens, which shield the office from direct views, atmospherically filter the entering daylight and define the patio on the first floor”.

Exciting story

In recent years, Kurt Reubens has attached increasing importance to the texture and graduation of materials: “When looking at a building from a certain distance, shapes, large surfaces and volumes have priority. The closer you come the more clearly visible are the texture and colour variations of the used materials. Here, clay products like bricks and pavers generate a unique vividness, which can only be found in nature, allowing me as an architect to develop an exciting and timeless story“.



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