If we want to achieve a successful renovation, it is essential to choose the right materials. Since ceramic materials have a long lifespan, they bring along many advantages when it comes to renovation. In addition to single products, Wienerberger also provides complete solutions, which guarantee a sustainable, energy-efficient and aesthetic renovation.

Why renovate?

There are different reasons to renovate a building: the creation of additional space, the overhaul of building services, the optimum use of daylight, optimization of sound insulation and many more.

During the renovation process, various factors should be combined to achieve an optimal solution. Starting with aesthetics: a successful renovation project reflects the tastes and preferences of the owner. Due to the wide range of colours and shapes they offer, bricks and clay roof tiles are perfectly suited for the expression of individual desires.

In addition to aesthetics, the energy efficiency must not be neglected. Investments in energy efficiency pay off as they help to improve interior comfort and protect our planet.

A third aspect is the environmental vision. It is better to opt for sustainable products with a long lifespan because they are often made from natural materials and easily to recycle.

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