The interplay of urban-style and sustainability has always inspired the creative partners of fresh architectures. That's why they chose the Koramic tile by Wienerberger as new livery for the innovative multi-family house in Paris.

Project details

Reference object

Multi-family house, Paris, France





Clay roof tiles used

Koramic 301 flat tile, 6 shades (2 dark, 1 ruby-coloured, 3 different white enamelled

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, FRESH ARCHITECTURES, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Multi-family house, Paris © Julien Lanoo

Maximum protection against external environment

The building with 16 apartments on Place Stalingrad, at the corner of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin and Boulevard de la Villette, is situated in a prominent location – pedestrians, road traffic and elevated railway provide for permanent movement in the lively district. The challenge was to harmoniously blend the building with the dynamics of the location, whilst providing maximum protection for the internal areas against the hectic external environment.

Quiet amidst the hustle and bustle

The multifaceted geometry of the house and the freely distributed window openings ensure a balanced appearance. Arranging the apartments on both sides, with those on the south side opening up towards a calm and green island, offers the residents a niche of peaceful quiet amidst a continuously active environment. The elaborate constructive form makes it possible to protect the privacy of the occupants without taking light from them.

In an shimmering brick livery

From the roof down to the façade, the building’s ‘skin’ is made of plain, enamelled, white Koramic 301 tiles, which give the building the character of a bright and simultaneously protective niche in the pulsating environment of a big city. Julien Rousseau, managing partner of Fresh Architectures, explains the reasons for choosing the Koramic© tile: ‘In addition to its advantages in terms of quality and sustainability, this glazed tile cleans itself from dirt deposits and lets the façade appear like a compact and integral whole. Its broad range of colours allows for a nuanced colored mixture giving the external envelope a pleasant shimmer – both during the day and at night when the lights of the city are reflected on the façade.’

Sustainability par excellence

With the exterior cladding being optimised according to the French BBC standards, the Koramic© tiles are connected to a sub-roof cladding to improve the waterproofing and thus contribute to the longevity of the building. The low-energy construction testifies the high demands on sustainability and innovation. A central network of renewable heat, controlled mechanical ventilation, partly solar-heated sanitary water, rain water recovery for watering the garden and many more are attributes of this exemplary sustainability project.

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