Where natural movement has altered the shape and the look of existing roofs over time, renovation has to be carried out very respectfully. The new tiles need to fit perfectly in order to maintain the historical character and integrity of the building. Therefore it is essential to choose the right building material.

A new trend

In the past, buildings were often demolished without much thought and high quality buildings were simply destroyed. This has changed over the past years. The trend is towards renovation. Historic buildings are not only preserved but also perfected.
Experts are needed to successfully implement renovation projects. Architects enliven and improve old building structures with their creativity and know-how. Choosing the right building material is also decisive. Clay bricks and tiles are a part of our historic building culture and heritage; they have lasting value, are economical, energy-efficient and contemporary. Unique projects of this type clearly illustrate: a professional renovation of historic buildings in collaboration with architects is always worthwhile!

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