Located in Melle, Belgium this project includes commercial space as well as flats. To connect both visually, the clay roof tiles and facing bricks used have a similar earthy-coloured appearance.

Project details

Commercial space with flats, Melle, Belgium
CAAN architecten
Products used
Terca Hectic, Aléonard Patrimoine, mixture of noir de vigne, noir de vigne intense and vert de lichen

Commercial space with flats, Belgium, exterior view

Commercial space with flats, Belgium

Commercial space with flats, Belgium, exterior view, brick façade

Commercial space with flats, Belgium

Commercial space with flats, Belgium, detail of the brick façade

Commercial space with flats, Belgium

Connecting business and living area

The four-storey building features commercial premises on the ground level and flats on the upper two levels. Even though the manner of use is different, together they form a unit and are combined by architecture. The two business areas on the bottom floor go right through from the front to the back of the building. In the centre, hidden behind the brick pier, is the entrance hall to the residential areas. There are two apartments on the first floor. The roof contains two commodious duplex apartments with a space around a central patio. The windows and patios have black edging, that makes them stand out, creating the impression of a chessboard pattern.

Same but different

Even though you could not tell at first sight, the facing and roofing materials are equivalent, but not identical. The material requirements were different because of the horizontal architecture details in the façade. To emphasize solidity in the façade, a number of the windows are hidden behind narrow brick piers. Accomplishing this detail would not have been possible with roof tiles, therefore matching clay façade bricks were chosen. The roof of the building features clay roof tiles in a mixture of different colours in earthy nuances that fit together harmoniously. The overall goal was to make a single coherent whole out of the building’s commercial and residential functions; the walls run across into the planes of the roof.

Lasting value

Clay products were the material of choice not only because of their appealing look; the sloping roof and brick walls make sure that the building is durable and will age beautifully and naturally without wear and tear.

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