Apartmenthotel with clay roof tiles: Pottelberg 301 Wine red glazed

Building envelope

Todays’ buildings must meet the challenges of the future. A beautiful look is no longer sufficient, even though it might be spectacular.

Today, a building has to be sustainable, definitely energy-efficient and each architectural gimmick must have a benefit. Brick and roof tiles are so versatile and adaptable that they can meet all these requirements – even the demand to be spectacular.

Making existing buildings more energy-efficient

Wienerberger aims to provide customers with products for the whole building envelope that meet the requirements of the future. So how do we make existing buildings more energy-efficient and limit both climate change and the utility bills of the inhabitants? With that question in mind, Wienerberger set up a test site in Spiere (Belgium). The extensive renovation of this detached home dating from around 1900 has now been completed. The architects used the Koramic Façatile clay tile for the façade and the Koramic Plain tile Plato for the roof.

House before renovation

House before renovation

Renovated house with clay tiles

Renovated house

Placement of Façatile clay tiles

Placement of Façatile clay tiles

In collaboration with a number of experts one of the first studies was conducted to determine the effect of these measures on the net energy demand and comfort.  The results speak for themselves. Energy-related renovations of the building envelope as a first step are a perfect choice as we seek to balance gains in energy efficiency with costs. In the test case, the net energy consumption was reduced from 410 to 79 kWh/m², an improvement of about 80%, whereas the cost of renovating and insulating the roof and façade, including new joinery, remained limited to 40% of the total renovation costs.
In this section you can find a pictoral broadsheet of examples illustrating what can be achieved when using facing bricks and clay roof tiles for the building envelope. Roof and façade merge into one entity, houses blend in with the forest, whole districts are revitalised and patterns are incorporated in the façade. Have a look!

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