A former episcopal residence adjacent to the Cathedral, Laon's Law Courts, the "Palais de Justice", which is listed as a historic monument, was almost closed in 2004. An exemplary collaboration and an exceptional restoration project - topped off with a tiled roof by Aléonard Patrimoine - have now revitalised the building.

Project details

Project Roof Renovation of the "Palais de Justice" in Laon, France
Architect Mrs Plantinet
Ministry of Justice
Roofer José Faucheux Crépy
Roof tiles Koramic Aléonard Patrimoine Ocré Lichen
Roof area 3 226 m2

Roof renovation of the "Palais de Justice" in Laon, France

Roof renovation of the "Palais de Justice" in Laon, France

Roof renovation of the "Palais de Justice" in Laon, France

Roof renovation of the "Palais de Justice" in Laon, France

About the Palais

Perched on a rocky hill, the old town of Laon and its cathedral dominate the surrounding plain and are visible from far away. At the heart of this protected area, the Palais de Justice was owing to its temporary slate and red steel roof a constant source of irritation for many locals. This changed in 2011, when the Public Prosecutor and the Minister of Justice decided to invest some four million Euros in its renovation, which required more than two years of work and the refurbishment of the 3,226 m² roof area with Aléonard tiles.
In its history this building, which includes some remnants of a 12th century building and a fine Renaissance façade, has accommodated Henry IV, Catherine de Médicis, Anne of Austria, and Louis XIV … no less!

Roof tile with aesthetic qualities

It therefore deserved some care and attention and a roof in keeping with its prestigious history. The decision was made to use Aléonard Patrimoine Ocré Lichen clay roof tiles. These tiles, particularly appreciated for their aesthetic qualities, were used in three different sizes with varying nuances in order to create an effect as close as possible to the historical character of the building.

A project requiring great artisan skills

José Faucheux, the only artisan roofer in the Aisne Department qualified to work on "historic monuments", nicknamed the "pope of the bell towers", was chosen from among eight competitors for this job, which ended with him winning an award at the Trophées Aléonard. It's a job he won't forget any time soon...
"My fifteen journeymen and I are very proud of our work on this project. Even though we spend almost half our time on heritage restoration jobs, it's not every day that you get a roof this size to work on. And it is always a great pleasure to work using traditional methods and with noble materials like gold leaf, copper, lead, and of course, Aléonard Patrimoine tiles. It was a genuine adventure for us and the collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Bâtiments de France architect, Mrs Plantinet, the other contractors and Wienerberger represented by Stéphane Raux and Pascal Harang, was exemplary. On this venerable, but extremely steep roof, exposed to all weathers and some gale-force winds, we took great care to do an aesthetically pleasing job - with the tapering of the tiles for the turrets in particular - and one that would last, with every tile being fastened down by two copper nails. Fine workmanship!"

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