Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk, Switzerland

grey facade modern apartment building front view Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk
Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk, Switzerland © Roger Frei

Wild Bär Heule Archichtekten AG, Switzerland
Location Uster, Switzerland
Construction period 2013 - 2014
Nomination category
Living together
Purpose Housing
Usable floor area 422 m²
Brick type
Clay blocks

Located in Uster, the “Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk” [residential building with industrial-style walls] is a four-storey apartment building comprising three rental flats. The architects intentionally used a limited number of materials to give the building a simple and clean look. Each apartment has its own outdoor space in the form of either a garden, loggia, or roof terrace. To ensure privacy for the residents, all balconies are located on different sides of the building. The internal walls are made of bricks, and  the architects paid particular attention to keeping the visual appearance of the materials. Only the  walls were painted white, so that the brick structure shimmers through. The entire interior is white as well, including the kitchen, doors, windows and ceiling. Only the parquet floor is light brown and the awnings are colourful. Although the building  appears colourless at first glance, the use of simple materials and shapes creates a clear structure that makes it comfortable and warm.

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