Wienerberger Brick Award – Winners

The Wienerberger Brick Award winners

Since 2004, the Wienerberger Brick Award is providing a stage for excellent brick architecture and its architects. Every two years, a great amount of projects are entered into the award world-wide. Subsequently, all submitted projects are studied and discussed by an independent panel of architecture journalists, critics and architects, who narrow down the number to 50 projects split into different categories, which are then nominated for the award.
These 50 nominations are presented to an international jury board of well-known architects, who choose the category winners and grand prize winner of the current award. Among the jury members we had architects like the Pritzker prize winner of 2012 Wang Shu, Laura Andreini, Mies van der Rohe 2015 finalist, Jonathan Sergison and Anne Kaestle 2016 winner, just to mention a few..

The winners of the Wienerberger Brick Award are announced biannual at an award ceremony and presented in the accompanying Brick book!
Winning projects can be found all over the world. The first Wienerberger Brick Award in 2004 has been won by Josef Pleskot in Czech Republic with his beautiful solution for a pedestrian passage in a castle park. In the following years the grand prizes went to Hungary, Germany, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Thailand, Austria and Spain. At the last Wienerberger Brick Award in 2018, architects from Great Britain and Switzerland were awarded with the grand prize.  

Check out who won the Brick Award 2018 under "The Winners 18"!
The winners of the Brick Award 2018 were announced on the 28th of May 2018 during the award ceremony and presented in the Brick’18 book together with the 50 nominations.

Prize Money

It is great to be a winner. In addition to having the honour and prestige of being a winner, the award winning projects of the Wienerberger Brick Award are endowed with prize money. In 2020 the prize money will be € 5.000,- for each of the category winner and € 7.000,- for the Grand Prize (including category winner).  The Grand Prize winner is chosen out of the category winners.

Become a Wienerberger Brick Award Winner

To find out how to participate in the competition, please check out the details on submission and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date about the submission process and the upcoming Brick Award.

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