Winner Re-Use: Marília Project, Brazil

Marilia Project, SuperLimão Studio © Maira Acayaba
Marilia Project, SuperLimão Studio © Maira Acayaba

Key facts

Architect SuperLimão Studio, Brazil
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Construction period
02.2010 – 12.2013
Purpose Office space
Usable floor area 450 m²
Brick type Re-used bricks from the area

The winning project

Attractive property is in great demand in São Paulo. Historic buildings are being razed at an unrelenting rate to make way for new, lucrative high-rises.
Meanwhile, the house on Rua Marília, dating back to 1915, is one of the last historic brick buildings in the area. Modest in its proportions but rich in detail, it has already undergone several renovations. Instead of opting for the economically attractive route of demolishing the former residential building, the architects and the owner of the site agreed to preserve the structure.
“With Marília we had the opportunity to create a project respecting the history, the material, the environment and the surrounding. To guarantee that the project is very flexible, we laid out the whole infrastructure on the outside,” emphasizes the architect.
Initially, nothing indicates a revitalization; only at second glance, the house reveals its new life through steel structures and a new room layout. While the outer walls stayed as they were, the interior of the house was completely gutted to adapt it to its new use. Looking almost like an art installation, this unusual revitalization is a clever and efficient method of expanding the existing building and making it compliant with current building codes. It sets an example of self-conscious dealing with historic buildings and makes a contribution to preserving cultural heritage.

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