Winner Grand Prize & Special Solution: 2226, Austria

Building 2226 Lustenau, Austria
Building 2226 Lustenau, Austria

Key facts

Architect baumschlager eberle, Austria
Location Lustenau, Austria
Construction period
02.2012 – 04.2013
Purpose Office building
Usable floor area 2421 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

The winning project

While buildings require less and less energy, more and more money is being spent on the maintenance and service needed to sustain this reduction. This inspiring brick building commits itself to the credo: do things as easily as possible!
Besides its impressive monolithic structure and spatial elegance, the main characteristic of the 2226 project is its building technology. The entire six-storey structure manages without air treatment - without ventilation, without air conditioning, without heating. The name already indicates the prevailing indoor temperature, which stays within the comfortable range of 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, throughout the year. All of this is made possible by the solid cavity wall structure that accounts for a total wall thickness of 76 cm, a valuable thermal mass that helps to keep the recovered energy in the building.
“The main idea of the building is that things you have by nature in the building are enough to maintain the temperature,” explains architect Dietmar Eberle. “I chose brick because it’s a very solid material, it helps to generate a better level of humidity inside the building and it does not react to changes of temperature very fast.”
Rather than using classic heating units, the building works with waste heat emitted by people, computers and lights. Sensors measure the air quality inside the building, and the deep window reveals help to reduce the heat influx in summer. Over 100 visitors per week show the huge interest in this revolutionary concept.

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