What Sustainability means for us

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Sustainability at Wienerberger is embedded within the very corporate strategy and constitutes an integral component of the living corporate culture. It also serves as one of the main sources of innovation for new and optimized products.

Please find the full sustainability report here.

Our products – made with long-term success in mind

Clay blocks, bricks and roof tiles as well as clay pavers represent particularly green and sustainable building materials. They consist of natural raw materials such as clay and water, which are extracted carefully. They are produced in close proximity to the market, which helps keep the transportation distances short. Furthermore, they have a very long service life – easily lasting for over 150 years. The longer the service life, the smaller is the impact of the material on the environment.
These are only some of the reasons why our clay products constitute an integral part of Wienerberger’s sustainable building concepts. They guarantee a high quality of living and make an active contribution to the fight against climate change.

Social Responsibility

Wienerberger considers the economy as an integral part of society which has the obligation to serve people and create value for everybody. For us, this responsibility encompasses creating the framework for a safe and healthy working environment, observing ethical principles in all our actions, honest communication, active involvement in the creation of a transparent economic environment, personal accountability for what we do, and acting as a reliable and contributing member of society. Thus Wienerberger has been cooperating amongst others with Habitat for Humanity since 2012, by supporting this international charity project with expertise as well as building materials from the Wienerberger Group's product range. Thanks to this partnership, more than 3.000 people in need of help in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland and the USA have already been given a new "home". 

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