Westkaai towers 5 & 6, Belgium

two red brick facade apartment towers Westkaai Towers 5 and 6
Westkaai Towers 5 & 6, Belgium © Filip Dujardin

Tony Fretton Architects (Tony Fretton), UK and
De Architecten NV (Koen Van Orshaegen), BEL
Antwerp, Belgium
Construction period 2013 - 2016
Nomination category
Living together
Purpose Housing
Usable floor area T5: 9.648 m², T6: 6.432 m²
Brick type
Facing bricks

In Antwerp harbour, in Belgium, some old warehouses were converted into six residential towers that represent the area’s new horizon. The buildings were divided into three pairs, each pair designed by different architects, and  towers 5 & 6 are the northern ones. These two towers look similar, but they differ in details. The diversity and range of Flemish bricks allows a subtle difference in colour between the two towers. Tower 5 is yellow and tower 6 red: classic brick tones, but chosen in shades that make the colours highly ambiguous. Vertical and horizontal emphases on the façade are created very simply by projecting bricks externally. The entrances to the buildings are located centrally, and the apartments are arranged along the façades with balconies at each of the corners providing panoramic views over the harbour and city centre. The architects of “Westkaai towers 5 & 6” aimed to make the towers seem both material and unreal in the brick built harbour skyline of Antwerp.

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