Villa Platan, Denmark

grey brick facade private house villa platan front view
Villa Platan, Denmark © Jacob Lerche

Architects ADEPT, Denmark
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Construction period 2012 - 2015
Nomination category Feeling at home
Purpose Private Villa
Usable floor area 180 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

Near Aarhus, right on the edge of the sea, architects created a private house that has been carefully tailored to its location by using naturally occurring colours and soft transitions between the interior and exterior of the house. The client had a vision of a simple life by the sea, with the  fantastic view of the water at the heart of the design. The idea was to integrate the daily changes in the sea into the house’s architecture. As a result, from the street, the house appears closed and quiet; but the sea-facing side is open with many windows. The big, full-height windows also enhance  interaction with the building’s natural surroundings. The house blends in seamlessly with its environment thanks to the use of natural sandy colours for the façade, which is made of long and flat bricks. Inside, customized wood furniture was used to emphasize this dialogue with nature. The garden resembles the beach, with white shale, low trees, and wild flowers. With this project, the architects created a metaphor for the beautiful, relaxing life by the sea.

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