Tugelablokken, The Netherlands

red brick facade front view apartment building Tugelablokken
Tugelablokken, The Netherlands © Allard van der Hoek

Architects M3H Architects, The Netherlands
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Construction period 2014 - 2015
Nomination category Living together
Purpose Housing
Usable floor area 13.296 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

In 1915,  five housing blocks for Jewish craftsmen were built in Amsterdam’s Transvaal neighbourhood. Two of these blocks were recently demolished because of their poor structural state. The architects decided to replace them with modern apartments that meet the current needs of people with different lifestyles, incomes and ages. To fit in with the existing buildings, the new ones were carefully planned in terms of volume and proportion. Although the  building’s brick façade appears fairly standard at first glance, closer inspection reveals its rich bonding and colours. This diversity allows the repetition inherent in contemporary housing schemes to be balanced by a rich variation and the human scale of the façade.  In the second block, some coloured glazed bricks were integrated into the brick façade to refine the building. The project showcases a way of rethinking Amsterdam’s rich brick history with a new and modern look.

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