The Temple and the People, India

red brick temple front view The Temple and The People India
The Temple and The People, India © AKHILA RAO

Architects SEA, India
Location Vennached, India
Construction period 2014-2015
Nomination category
Sharing public spaces
Purpose Community temple
Usable floor area 230 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

In Vennached, near Hyderabad,  architects built a new temple in a style that, at first glance, appears to break with old Hindu architecture traditions. The building is devoted to Saint Shirdi Sai Baba and is constructed from brick blocks, which are normally used to build the internal structure of houses and buildings. The use of bricks is not typical for this region, which makes the temple building innovative and unique. Not only did the architects use bricks for the main part of the building, they also used them to construct the seven metre-high tower known as Shikhara. The brick arrangement is a modern interpretation of the trellis--like window grills that are common in Indian architecture. The most important element in this kind of temple is the colourful ornamentation, which in this case is created by the geometry of the Shikhara. The arrangement of the bricks allows light itself to become  the ornamentation as it falls inside the temple and creates special effects on the walls and floors. Visitors entering the temple also bring colour in and complete the decoration.

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