Terra Cotta Studio, Vietnam

red brick facade holes front view garden Terra Cotta Studio Vietnam
Terra Cotta Studio, Vietnam © Oki Hiroyuki

Tropical Space, Vietnam
Dien Phuong, Vietnam
Construction period 02. - 06.2016
Nomination category
Working together
Purpose Studio
Usable floor area 98 m²
Brick type
Solid bricks

“Terra Cotta Studio” is as an artist’s working and exhibition space located next to the Thu Bon river in Vietnam. The majority of the residents are from traditional craft villages and produce terracotta. The centre of this cube-shaped building is surrounded by a three-storey bamboo frame platform, used for drying out terracotta products, presenting artwork, and for relaxing on two large benches. The frame also creates a division between the studio and the terracotta workshop area. The building is made from solid clay bricks, a common material in Vietnam. The intricate perforated brickwork provides natural air conditioning inside the building and enables the artist to feel and hear the surrounding nature. Through the walls, visitors can see the workshops, riverbanks, and the garden, and see the working artists as well as the finished artworks. The “Terra Cotta Studio” is the perfect place for people who love terracotta and want to experience clay in all its dimensions.

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