Staatsarchiv Landshut, Germany

Staatsarchiv in Landshut grey brick facade building front view by night
Staatsarchiv in Landshut, Germany © Edzard Probst

Architects Hierl Architekten, Germany
Location Landshut, Germany
Construction period 2011-2016
Nomination category Working together
Purpose Staatsarchiv
Usable floor area 7.100 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

The state archives in Landshut, which houses all the archive materials for Lower Bavarian, moved from the south side to the north of the city due to lack of space and outdated technical infrastructure. The architect designed an L-shaped building with a façade that has a unique texture thanks to its irregular arrangement of bricks in various lengths, widths and colours. As a result, the whole building appears different depending on how far away the observer stands – close-up, the façade appears jumbled in a chaotic way; from a distance it appears to have a rhythmic structure. Furthermore, the brick arrangement also symbolizes the storage of the large amount of archive material, like sheets of paper and folders, inside the building. In addition to storage space, the building contains administrative rooms and an exhibition area, because the aim of the project was to combine archive conservation with a museum open to the public.

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