Social housing in the vines, France

Social housing apartment building light brick facade colorful windows front view
Social housing in the vines, France © David Foessel

Architects SWAN ARCHITECTES, France
Location Bouzy, France
Construction period 2014 - 2015
Nomination category Feeling at home
Purpose Social Housing
Usable floor area 380 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

This social housing project is in Bouzy, around 20 kilometres south of Reims, which is known for its role in the wine trade. The architects did not want this project to look like typical social housing, so they created four single-family houses, each with an area of 95 square metres and four rooms. To keep within the limited budget, they decided to combine impressive, high-grade materials with cheaper ones. Construction using brickwork and saddle roofs is very common in this region, so these materials were also incorporated into this project. The architects used bright bricks in sandy rose colours with an earthy appearance. They used colourful window shutters in shades of sky blue, spring green, lavender and sunny yellow to add a touch of colour and uniqueness to the houses. The compact design of the houses left part of the site unbuilt, freeing up land for a public park. The whole complex represents a little bit of luxury for the houses’ inhabitants and the town of  Bouzy. 

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