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Roofer applying Koramic ridge and hip roll on ridge
We offer comprehensive roof system solutions to facilitate your decision.

The Wienerberger roof system

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Storm protection systems

From a static point of view, nothing causes as much damage to a house as a storm. Safety for life and limb, but also minimisation of financial risks are the main objectives of our storm protection systems.

Our storm clips and fastening screws including seals ensure standard-compliant safety even in extreme weather conditions. Our patented Sturmfix 2.0 system with two to three times the effectiveness of ordinary brackets has been developed and continuously optimized taking these risks into account.


Our diffusion-open underlayment membranes provide ideal protection and safety for all sub-roof structures and are highly effective against ingress of water

The underlay solutions meet all relevant test criteria and can with the system accessories also be used as an auxiliary cover. We offer the perfect solution for every roof pitch and requirement.

Rafter insulation

The insulating materials consist of the tested high-performance insulating material PU rigid foam (polyurethane), comply with the latest environmental standards and have on the upper side a laminated, diffusion-open and underlay membrane with self-adhesive lap.

This means that it can be designed as a lap- and perforation-protected underlay in combination with a nail sealing tape, even without the need for an elaborate additional underlay membrane.

Snow protection and roof inspection

Our system parts for snow protection and roof access consist of dimensionally stable and permanently coated aluminium materials.

Their colours are perfectly matched to the respective roof tile models. The base plates also have the same shape as the roof tiles and therefore fit perfectly into the roof landscape. This ensures that the rainproof quality of the roof is optimally protected and the aesthetics of the roof is not compromised.

Wall and chimney connections

Wall and chimney connections are regarded as a fast and environmentally friendly alternative to lead connections or other variants.

Our Koraflex Plus is a highly flexible polyisobutylene-based chimney and wall connection tape and offers clear advantages: back with all-over high-quality butyl coating, extremely high stretch factor, 33-year functional warranty.

Ventilation systems

The risk of water entering the substructure is particularly high for roof penetrations.

Our solutions, from individual parts to the comprehensive coordinated set, from all-ceramic to non-ceramic roof penetrations, offer a wide range of ventilation systems that meet the most diverse requirements.


With a whole range of advantages, our photovoltaic in-roof system is suitable for both new buildings and roof renovations.

For subsequent on-roof solutions we offer, in addition to the panels, high-quality module supports for the secure fastening of hot water collectors, solar and photovoltaic systems.

Ridge and hip systems

Our ridge and hip systems ensure a secure and elegant roof ending. They are available in different versions for different requirements.

Our ridge rolls ensure absolute protection against rain and snow penetration and, thanks to their large ventilation cross-sections, ensure optimum rear ventilation of the substructure, which permanently protects the roof from moisture and mould. The model-specific ridge brackets complete the coordinated system.

Ceramic accessories

Adding character to a roof is easy with the various options we offer.

Next the functional requirements for weatherproofing a roof can further add visual appeal to a building. Besides the wide range of roof tile types, we offer an endless variety of ridge profiles with different end pieces and decorative crests and / or finials.

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