ROM.HOF, Germany

brown brick facade building view from below ROM.HOF Student Residential Courtyard
ROM.HOF - Student Residential Courtyard, Germany © Stefan Müller

Architects Uwe Schröder Architekt, Germany
Location Bonn, Germany
Construction period 2009 - 2014
Nomination category Living together
Purpose Student Residential Courtyard
Usable floor area 2.692 m²
Brick type Facing bricks, paving bricks

Located in Bonn, the ROM.HOF is a residential building for students. It symbolizes a bridge between the city and the surrounding old university buildings, which date back to the 19th century. From the street, the entrance leads to the corridors and the adjoining small apartments of the four-storey building. To encourage community living and interaction, the building also houses several communal rooms and spaces. The building is also intended to provide enough privacy for the inhabitants, so every apartment has a small loggia. The windows and doors are all rounded in shape, to reflect the historic architecture. For the façade, the architect used bricks to create colour gradation, ranging  from red at the lower part of the building to yellow for the upper parts. This gives the building an irregular surface and visual look. Inside, the architect continued the red and yellow colour concept, and added four more colours in the various rooms  – blue, beige, purple and green – with each colour corresponding to the function of the room. The apartments themselves are  in grey and white. The ROM.HOF blends perfectly into its environment, combining past, present and future.

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