Restaurant Southside New Market, The Netherlands

brown brick facade detail view windows Restaurant Southside New Market
Restaurant Southside New Market, The Netherlands © Harry Cock

Architects Vector-i architects in collaboration with Daad engineers, The Netherlands
Location Groningen, The Netherlands
Construction period 11.2015 - 04.2017
Nomination category Building outside the box
Purpose Restaurant
Usable floor area 992 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

The Restaurant Southside New Market is a new two-storey restaurant building in Groningen, located on an L-shaped plot between Poelestraat and Nieuwe Market. Its design is inspired by Dutch Mannerist architecture, both complementing and reacting against it. The idea behind this architecture was to express the spirit of the site and the importance of seeing and being seen on Poelestraat, which is Groningen’s party district. Poelestraat and the Nieuwe Market are architecturally distinctive due to their building in  mixture of bricks of different shapes, which create dynamic façades. For the restaurant building itself, architects chose bricks in colours ranging from brown to golden yellow, commonly used in the south of The Netherlands, to make the building stand out between the other red brick houses. For the construction work, a new and innovative glue bricklaying technique was used. In addition, ceramic blocks were added between the bricks to create a traditional mortar thickness. Southside New Market therefore represents a perfect combination of new and old techniques. 

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