Remisenpavillon, Germany

brown brick garage holes man standing drinking coffe Remisenpavillon
Remisenpavillon, Germany © Christian Burmester

Architects Wirth Architekten, Germany
Location Affinghausen, Germany
Construction period 6.2014 - 6.2015
Nomination category Building outside the box
Purpose Garden Loggia, Garage, Pavillion
Usable floor area 42 m²
Brick type Reused bricks

The initial idea behind the Remisenpavillon in Affinghausen was to build a simple garage. But the result is more than a garage; the Remisenpavillon can be used for storage, for parties, as a place to hide away and work in, or as a loggia. The building itself is a cube constructed from  concrete, bricks and wood and is located on part of a farm. The brick walls are a very special element of the Remisenpavillon because they are the base of an openwork design. Overall, the structure is a mix of open and closed elements, which also ensures ventilation. The Pavillon has a modern shape, but the materials used are very traditional and tell their own story. The wood is from an oak tree that was hundreds of years old. The bricks were recovered from a burnt down house. All of the recycled materials were cleaned but still show vestiges of the past. The Remisenpavillon is an architectural statement of past and present, implemented in a well-matched way.

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