Reception Building Dräger, Germany

red brick glass building modern front view Reception Building Dräger Germany
Reception Building Dräger, Germany © Stefan Müller

Architects Max Dudler, Germany
Location Lübeck, Germany
Construction period 05.2013-01.2015
Nomination category Working together
Purpose Reception building with offices
Usable floor area 3.150 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

In 1889, the traditional and future-oriented company Drägerwerk was founded in Lübeck, Germany. The new office building built in 2015 perfectly reflects the business,  with a brick façade typifying the architecture of the early 1920s, and great windows representing modernity. The whole new building acts as the company’s flagship. It is linked to older buildings and comprises elements varying between five, six and eight storeys in height. The façade is made of bricks and reminds us of Lübeck’s traditional architecture combined with expressionist elements. The windows are quite big, like a huge glass surface that particularly emphasize the brick façade. The top two floors are reserved for the executive board, and the building appears to be wearing a crown. The other floors house workspace for more than 200 employees, and a foyer forming the reception area. The idea behind the  building was to reflect  the company’s long tradition whilst embracing modernity.

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