Public Transport Terminal Breda, The Netherlands

modern Public Transport Terminal birck facade glass doors by night Breda
Public Transport Terminal Breda, The Netherlands © René de Wit

Architects Koen van Velsen architects
Location Breda, The Netherlands
Construction period 06.2012 - 09.2016
Nomination category
Sharing public spaces
Purpose Public Transport Terminal, Offices, Apartments, Retail
Usable floor area Offices: 18.196 m²
Brick type Clay blocks, facing bricks, paving bricks

Public transport terminals often create a dividing line between two parts of a city. In order to avoid replicating this kind of separation  in Breda, the architect created a single brick building that functions as both train and bus station, and which also includes 147 apartments in addition to  offices, shops, and car and bicycle parking. The whole complex is constructed from bricks of different colours and shades, thereby creating a nuanced façade inspired by Italian cities, where brickwork façades express the changes over time. The bricks were manufactured locally in a sustainable process, with solar energy used in production. The public transport terminal creates a lively  and much-visited place that not only fits its surroundings, but also enriches the cityscape of Breda. The building is economically and socially sustainable and energy efficient, and connects the two previously separated parts of the city optically as well as physically.

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