Philosophikum am Domplatz, Germany

Philosophikum am Domplatz, Germany
Philosophikum am Domplatz, Germany © Lukas Roth

Architects Peter Böhm Architekten, Germany
Location Münster, Germany
Construction period 2011 - 2017
Nomination category
Sharing public spaces
Purpose Philosophikum
Usable floor area 7.183 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

The Philosophikum, belonging to the University of Münster Faculty of Arts, is located to the west of the city’s Cathedral Square. The building was destroyed during the war and went through several phases of reconstruction. The need for modernisation became more pressing  as the space it provided was  insufficient. After tearing down parts of the old building, a long, narrow transom was set in the front of the building. The new building is opposite and parallel to the existing one, with the gap between the two now  used as a foyer. In the courtyard, steps lead to the entrance to the new building, and  to a park and small river.  The brick façade perfectly combines the old and new buildings, because the architects chose harmonious colours for the new construction to match the old one. The pillars and concrete elements form a kind of huge shelf, indicating that there is a library inside. The modernised old building houses lecture halls, offices and conference rooms as well as an auditorium and a studio theatre for the German philology department. The whole building is heated and cooled by renewable energy and, if required, by district heating. The building fulfils all project specifications and is an attractive part of Münster’s public space.

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