Pavilion Brick Factory Vogelensangh, The Netherlands

Pavilion Brick Factory Vogelensangh red brick facade building front view
Pavilion Brick Factory, The Netherlands © Michel Kievits

Architects Bedaux de Brouwer Architects, The Netherlands
Location Vogelensangh, The Netherlands
Construction period 2016
Nomination category Working Together
Purpose Reception and offices
Usable floor area 222 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

The Vogelensangh brick factory is the last remaining coal-fired ring kiln in The Netherlands. The kiln itself is a listed monument and produces a rich variety of hand-moulded bricks. The architects designed a new office and reception pavilion at the entrance to this historical brick factory.  This resulted in both an internal and external design that emphasizes the timeless beauty of the tradition of hand-moulded bricks. The bricks for the new pavilion were produced on-site, are thinner than standard bricks,  and have purposely been laid in a simple bond that reflects how the bricks are  stacked during production. The interior is characterized by vaulted brick ceilings, inspired by the ring kiln. Just like this kiln, the pavilion is a sequence of rooms, each with its special purpose. Outside, the unity of the façade emphasizes the ceramic, robust character of the pavilion and reflects the world of bricks one is about to enter.

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