Mengel Tower, Denmark

red brick facade apartment building view from below Mengel Tower
Mengel Tower, Denmark © Thomas Mølvig

Architects EplusN Architecture, Denmark
Location Aarhus, Denmark
Construction period 2015
Nomination category Living together
Purpose Housing
Usable floor area 639 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Part of the Danish city of Aarhus had to be demolished for traffic planning, leaving one row of houses lacking visual appeal. The architects solved the problem by planning a sculpturally formed, seven-storey building housing 15 apartments. The building is situated close to the downtown area, the harbour and the university. The imposing shape of the building lends it a  defensive, protective and expressive air. Windows that extend to the full height of the building were used to create bright rooms. Each apartment has a balcony, located on the inner courtyard to ensure calmness and privacy. For the façade, a flat red brick was used – the Backstein Römerziegel – which was manufactured using specialist technology. The irregular arrangement of bricks creates a play of shadows, emphasizing the vertical line of the building and lending it a touch of elegance. The shape of the building, combined with the bricks, creates a simultaneously  modern and timeless architecture, and adds a contemporary element  to the street’s historical narrative.

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