Wienerberger supports NGO “Helping Hands Family” in Uganda

Children in elementary school
With the aid of Wienerberger a new school in Susumbwe is becoming reality. Since three years, Wienerberger has been backing the NGO "Helping Hands Family" and their efforts to build a school in a small town in Uganda. The school is not just serving the purpose of education but is also utilized as shelter for orphaned children as well as to provide food, water and medical treatment for families in need. The students are being raised to well-educated adults who will be able themselves to help and support their local communities.

Update 2016 – making steady progress

We have been observing a lot of progress in Uganda. A tremendous effort went into the building site of the new school and the second floor of the building. While in the past, fresh water had to be transported to the school in canisters from a distant place, now there is a hand-dug well located right next to the school's kitchen. An enclosure has also been built and the new gardening project is allowing the school to grow its own fruits and vegetables and to operate in a more self-sufficient manner.
The school's clinic was further improved which obsoletes many issues related to medical treatment and is taking care not only of school kids but also of people from the entire region.
A brick-press machine, sponsored by Wienerberger, was utilized to create the building material for the enclosure and the school itself.

Help them to help themselves

The intent and principle of this sustainable project has always been to "Help them to help themselves". Therefore, most of the planning and construction work was done by the Ugandan people, including the production of self-made bricks. Additionally they operate the school, garden and clinic on their own.
The initiative serves as a very good example for how a vision can make with little resources the difference. The project has been realized with great personal dedication and involvement, changing the lives of people in a difficult environment.
The Wienerberger sponsored "Full of Joy Junior Academy" in Susumbwe is an important milestone, offering a bright future especially for the young people living there.

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