Lorraine Coallia, France

yellow brick facade cladding apartment building side view Lorraine Coallia
Lorraine Coallia, France © Luc Boegly

Location Paris, France
Construction period 05.2015- 06.2017
Nomination category
Building outside the box
Purpose Social residence
Usable floor area 3.004 m²
Brick type
Ceramic facade panels

“Lorraine Coallia” is a new migrant workers home in Lorraine Street in Paris. Two decaying buildings, dating from 1979, were partly renovated and partly built from new on  a low budget by following an environmentally-friendly approach and strict deadlines. The resulting complex consists of a modern nine-storey building to the northwest and a building over seven levels to the southeast. Altogether, the project comprises 173 housing units, each with a bathroom and a kitchenette, offering the residents a friendly yet functional living environment. The façades of the buildings are constructed from enamelled terracotta cladding, which responds to its environment by throwing back iridescent reflections of the sky and surrounding buildings. The blue and yellow-toned cladding creates a weave-like structure and adds a hint of colour to the monochrome neighbourhood. This migrant workers home has an area of 4,222 m2 and also features a landscaped courtyard and social restaurant to bring the community together. Environmental sustainability and fantastic design make “Lorraine Coallia” a social residence worth living in.

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