Lanka Learning Centre, Sri Lanka

red brick wall holes one story building front view nature Lanka Learning Center
Lanka Learning Center, Sri Lanka © Felix Yaparsidi, Valentin Ott, Barbara Vetter, Vincent Heiland

Architects feat. collective, Germany
Location Parangiyamadu, Sri Lanka
Construction period 2015-2016
Nomination category Building outside the box
Purpose Vocational training center and school
Usable floor area 750 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Located in Parangiyamadu in Sri Lanka, a region that suffered greatly from civil war and the tsunami in 2004, the Lanka Learning Centre project was launched with the aim of promoting reconciliation and equal access to education. The architects have respected local construction principles, cultural characteristics and climate conditions to  create a contemporary building among the existing natural landscape and houses. The building consists of five pavilions including an administrative office, a schoolroom for girls and another for boys, a kitchen and canteen, and a workshop. The centre of the complex is used as the entrance to the buildings and as an outdoor multipurpose space. The courtyard walls are made of wood panels, while  the outer walls are made of bricks, with openings to ensure ventilation. The project put emphasis on offering visitors a comfortable and safe environment and  using local materials and construction methods to contribute to the sense of well-being. Moreover, the use of local building techniques with locally produced bricks and site-cast concrete allowed centre users to get involved in the construction.    

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