Keep it simple, Germany

white facade detail view door window glass Keep it simple Germany
Keep it simple, Germany © Stefan Müller-Naumann

Architects Florian Nagler Architekten GmbH, Germany
Location Gleißenberg, Germany
Construction period 08.2013 - 03.2014
Nomination category
Working together
Purpose Working space
Usable floor area 550 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

In Gleißenberg, Germany, near the Czech border, the architect designed a combination of workshop, studio and storage space for the artist Peter Lang. The result was three halls of the same height and width, but slightly differing lengths. The building blends perfectly into its rural environment thanks to the gabled roof,  raw rendering and large barn doors. The use of simple structures has resulted in a building  that provides maximum climatic comfort. The architect used church buildings as a model, because their size, huge capacity and stable indoor climate makes them perfect for housing artwork. For the studio and workshop, the architect created large walls for hanging paintings and used glazed windows to ensure good light conditions for working on and presenting the artworks. For the whole construction, highly insulating bricks covered with an abrasive, grey render were used. Indoors, all the walls were painted white, only the walls of the storage unit remained untreated. The space is flexible, because the walls separating  the individual halls can be opened to create one huge room. Simplicity, pragmatism and flexibility are thus the ideas behind the project in Gleißenberg.

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