Kannikegarden, Denmark

brick built church street view brick buildings Kannikegården Denmark
Kannikegården, Denmark © Anders Sune Berg

Architects Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Denmark
Location Ribe, Denmark
Construction period 2014 - 2015
Nomination category
Sharing public spaces
Purpose Church an public space
Usable floor area 1.079 m²
Brick type Facing bricks, paving bricks

In the middle of Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark, these architects have designed a new building just opposite the cathedral. It has multiple purposes, consisting of spaces for the parochial church council, the church staff, and rooms for public use. The building is visually striking because the remains of a 12th century wall were uncovered during construction. Because the architects wanted to keep these ancient walls, they decided to divide the building into two parts. Downstairs, the building is glazed and the archaeological discoveries are visible. The architects left them untreated and in their original state. An atrium was constructed to ensure enough light. The new building was constructed on top of the ancient part. Its interior consists of offices,  a conference hall, and an events venue. There are only a few windows to respect the dual idea of openness and closeness. To integrate the building into its surroundings, the architects used customized reddish-brown bricks with natural unevenness, which were installed in a traditional way. The building thereby forms a harmonious blend of ancient and modern parts that enrich the cityscape.

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