How to find the right roof tile for your project

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Our extensive roof product portfolio ranges from traditional to contemporary roof tiles that meet the demands of every project. With the newly introduced product clusters, we provide an easier and much faster way to find the right roof tile for your upcoming construction project.

Supporting your house style

The roof is one of the major aesthetical parts of a house, which gives it its special style. Wienerberger provides roof tiles for all house styles. The clearly structured product clusters are divided into different house styles to support you in choosing your product.

Offering a whole roof system

In addition to roof tiles, Wienerberger offers a whole system consisting of a wide range of accessories as well as technical fittings that support the roof’s function. Our new system packages guide you through the different components which are needed for achieving a solid, safe and functional roof, combining performance, aesthetics and ease of use.

Finding the right roof tile

All clusters are visualized by dedicated icons as well as short descriptions. The number of clusters may vary in the different countries in which Wienerberger operates according to the country-specific product portfolio and individual customer demands.
Find below a quick overview:

These roof tiles do come in classic shapes that are known and proven for years. The high quality of material and design ensure timeless beauty and natural charm. The roof tiles mainly have natural colors.
The all-rounder tiles are characterized by their versatility and are suitable for renovation projects as well as new building projects. These tiles are modular and flexible, as well as easy to install. The whole color range is represented.
Historic and traditional shapes mainly serve to maintain and renovate old buildings, but can also be used for new, modern buildings.
These roof tiles support you in giving your house a nostalgic as well as traditional look and feel.

Mediterranean / Cottage
With these roof tiles you can completely change the flair of a house and give it a Mediterranean or cottage-style appearance. The natural colors range from ochre to red, and the shapes evoke the appeal of Tuscan villas, Spanish fincas as well as traditional cottages.
Within this cluster you can find modern type roof tiles, which do come with a clear, stylish design as well as smooth and innovative surfaces in trendy colors.
Here you can find very special roof tiles, which are used in a special way, differing from region to region. In this cluster, we also provide special roof tiles for individual requirements and projects. 
In order to find the ideal clay block product for your project now, just visit your local Wienerberger website.

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