How to find the right clay block for your project

Mason searching for ceratin clay block on tablet at construction site
Wienerberger’s wide Porotherm and Poroton product ranges offer the right clay block for every type of wall and all kinds of buildings, ranging from single-family homes and apartment blocks to commercial, public and industrial buildings. But how can you find the ideal clay block for your construction project?

Simplifying your selection

The clearly structured product clusters will help you find your way around the variety of products much faster and easier. All product clusters are marked with self-explanatory icons as well as a short description. As Wienerberger is operating in a lot of countries, involving varying product ranges, building regulations and styles as well as different languages, the names and products might vary slightly from country to country, but the icons and arguments of the clusters stay the same. Find a quick overview of our main clay block product ranges:

Energy+ clay blocks are especially energy-efficient, offering excellent thermal properties for sustainable buildings and healthy homes. The specially designed clay blocks for external walls regulate moisture in a natural way and thus contribute to excellent indoor climate and the wellbeing of the residents. Houses built with Energy+ clay blocks do not need additional insulation. They have high heat insulation properties as well as a good heat storage capacity, which regulate the temperature naturally and saves costs by reducing the energy demand for heating and cooling. Energy+ clay blocks are ideal for monolithic construction and energy-efficient buildings such as passive and plus energy houses.
These high-quality clay blocks are 100% natural and provide for high-comfort living and working conditions in sustainable buildings. The innovative plane ground design allows a fast building process and precise construction, with minimum waste and minimum use of mortar. This saves time, nerves and money. Choosing clay blocks from the Porotherm Comfort range is definitely a good investment for life.
Porotherm clay blocks ensure a stable quality and are well-proven by many builders and professionals. Choosing the Classic range is an economic solution for safe and durable buildings. Like all Wienerberger clay blocks, they provide highest fire safety, high durability and almost zero maintenance to be expected for many years to come. The Porotherm Classic range is ideal for multilayer construction.

Interior & AKU
The clay blocks in these clusters are especially designed for load-bearing and non-bearing interior walls. They also ensure optimal fire protection, high structural safety and a uniform plastering base. The AKU range features clay blocks for interior walls with excellent acoustic properties. These sound-insulating blocks are ideal for advanced requirements such as partition walls in apartment buildings.
Floor & Ceiling
In this category, you will find clay floor and ceiling systems with components such as load-bearing beams and inlay bricks. Clay floor and ceiling systems allow for highest planning flexibility and, combined with brick walls, form a uniform plastering base for the whole shell construction. An additional benefit is the created ideal indoor climate, which results from the systems’ optimal storage capacity and low concrete content.
Specifically aligned components for the complete system can be found in this product range, including lintels, mortar, Dryfix, which is a masonry glue for clean and fast laying, as well as tools, depending on the product assortment of the respective country.
In some countries, Wienerberger also offers all-purpose chimney systems either under the name of Kamtec (Germany) or Wienerberger chimney system (Croatia, Slovenia, Romania), which are equally suitable for the main central heating and fireplaces.
In order to find the ideal clay block product for your project now, just visit your local Wienerberger website.

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