Houses with two doors, The Netherlands

grey and red brick facade front view detail door Houses with 2 Doors
Houses with 2 Doors, The Netherlands © Stefan Müller

Architects Hans van der Heijden Architect, The Netherlands
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Construction period 12.2013 - 06.2015
Nomination category Living together
Purpose Social Housing
Usable floor area 4.620 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Oranjeboomstraat is a street in the Feijenoord district in the southern part of Rotterdam.  Once a tree-lined avenue with  a tramway running through the middle, it later lost much of its urban character. Old buildings were replaced by large-scale houses and its historic background disappeared as the houses lost their original architectural refinements. In this social housing project, the architect tried to reintroduce a sense of place and history to this street. In order to restore the rhythm of the street façades, the architect used a typology of stacked duplexes, creating  a repetition of houses with two front doors. To enhance the project’s urbanistic ambition, the architects created a standard-sized, orange and light brown, hand moulded brick façade, and arranged the bricks randomly. For the windows and the plinth, they used a slightly darker brick to create a visual highlight. This project shows how a new building can be used to reintroduce historic architectural features to a neighbourhood.

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