House Juniskär, Sweden

brown brick facade front view Single family house House Juniskär Sweden
House Juniskär, Sweden © Mikael Olsson

Architects Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter, Sweden
Location Sundsvall, Sweden
Construction period 03.2013 - 05.2015
Nomination category
Feeling at home
Purpose Living
Usable floor area 190m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Located in Sundsvall on the Swedish coast, House Juniskär is an apartment building that reflects domesticity. Built on a slope, the building combines two adjoining houses with an extraordinary interior. Inside, the architects followed interior designer Adolf Loos’ concept, creating rooms in different sizes and heights, and without doors, to make the proportions tangible. Different materials in contrasting colours, such as wood and slabs, were used to create a relaxing atmosphere. The concept is reflected in the whole building, with the exterior wall also of irregular size and height. The brick façade is uneven and kept in natural colours, from red to dark brown, and the windows and the roof match  each other, so the building perfectly assimilates into its environment. As a result, the architects have succeeded in designing a conservative yet elegant house that integrates simplicity and quality with a combination of formal, informal, symmetrical and synthetic elements.

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