Haus am Mühlbach, Italy

white house mountains nature river Haus am Muehlbach
Haus am Muehlbach, Italy © Gustav Willeit Photography

Pedevilla Architects, Italy
Sand in Taufers, Italy
Construction period 2012 - 2014
Nomination category
Feeling at home
Purpose Single family home
Usable floor area 72 m²
Brick type
Clay blocks

Located in South Tyrol, the Haus am Mühlbach is a single-family house that represents both the elegance and tranquillity of a manor house. With its white façade, made from locally crafted materials, it appears as a white monolith in the alpine landscape. The house is built from monolithic clay bricks. The surface of the outdoor walls is rough due to the use of sand, lime and white cement for the construction, and emphasizes the building’s monolithic character. The architects used  varying shades of the building materials’ basic natural  tones throughout the project. The solid walls of this pentagon shaped building are made of 50 centimetre-thick clay bricks. The interior is light-flooded, with strategically located windows giving the inhabitants a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The house consists of seven split-levels, and the rooms are arranged to give them a visual relationship to one another. It was important to  the architects to use high-quality local materials both internally and externally. The Haus am Mühlbach meets the client’s brief and also symbolizes regionality, quality and perfect adaption to its natural environment.   

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