Foundry Mews, United Kingdom

brown textured brick facade private house windows front view Foundry Mews
Foundry Mews, United Kingdom © Jack Hobhouse

Architects Project Orange, UK
Location London, UK
Construction period 2014-2016
Nomination category Feeling at home
Purpose Housing & studio workspaces
Usable floor area 1126 m²
Brick type Facing bricks, paving bricks

Near London’s river Thames and Barnes High Street, among shops, amenities and different businesses, architects designed a combined living and working space in keeping with the concept of an artisan mews. When entering the complex through a small passage, the first mews contains eight studio offices and workspaces. In addition, two open staircases lead up to the six duplex apartments on the first floor. Although there is an optical division between the workspace on the ground floor and the dwellings above, the overall appearance of the building is harmonious and it looks like a row of small houses. The yellow and grey colours of the brick façade are reminiscent of London’s historic buildings. For the outside area, the architects used clay paving that ties in harmoniously with the building’s façade. On the upper floor, the private terraces of the houses are screened off with a perforated brick wall, thereby both creating sufficient outdoor space and protecting privacy. Foundry Mews shows how working spaces and private housing can interact well within a modern urban development.

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