EU Directive – energy and climate targets 2020

Clay roof tile red: Vauban straight and Actua grey

EU Directive 2020

The EU Directive 2020 stipulates that all buildings built from 2020 on must show a neutral energy balance. That means that these houses must be able to generate as much energy as they consume. In this context, the awareness of an integrated approach to the building is especially important.
Those aiming for sustainable building and sensible energy consumption should no longer solely focus on energy supply or heating demand. Energy consumption for water heating, building services as well as system losses are equally important.Wienerberger has already taken up these challenges in recent years and, together with partners, developed the e4 brick house conceptE, which already meets the requirements of the EU Directive today. The e4 concept is a paramount example of the environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable private home of the 21st century.
For further details, see e4 brick house concept.

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