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e4 houses Belgium

Sustainable living in the heart of the city

The Sustainable Compound is an e4 project to extend the living accommodation in Waregem, making use of existing open spaces, in which the efforts put into sustainability and affordability are spread over a cluster of seven individual houses.
With this pilot project, Wienerberger Belgium wants to demonstrate two claims.
A sustainable living project meeting BREEAM Excellent sustainability criteria can be realised at optimal cost, taking into account not only the initial investment, but also the long-term maintenance costs and savings compared to a standard newly-built house.
The traditional Belgian building methods, with the established Wienerberger materials and traditional construction partners, are perfect for the realisation of affordable projects with a long life time without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Sustainability criteria

Besides the energy aspect, the sustainability criteria relate to water management on the site and in the houses, the materials to be used, thermal and acoustic comfort, green management, etc. - always bearing in mind the affordability and the time needed to recover the costs of the chosen solutions.
With this broad approach the advantages of individual houses are retained. The efforts put into sustainability and affordability are spread over a cluster of seven individual houses.

Clever design choices

Research, in collaboration with energy consultant 3E, also indicated that achieving optimal cost in constructing energy efficient buildings depends on a number of clever choices: a heavily insulated massive construction, airtightness to the best level achievable in practice, and robust solutions rather than expensive technology. In short, the energy efficient construction starts with a clever design.

Key Data

Living area: 184-194 m²
Primary energy consumption for heating: 7436 kWh prim/year
Net energy consumption for heating: 9 kWh/year
CO2 discharge: -477 kg CO2/year
Construction costs excl. VAT - end house: € 1209/m²
Construction costs excl. VAT - terrace house: € 1090/m²
Sloping roof: Koramic Bellus slate engobe ceramic slates + Koramic Fleece Plus underlay
Exterior walls: Terca Eco-brick Linnaeus braised, glued
Exterior walls of dormer window: Koramic Façatile slate engobe clay tiles + Koramic Fleece Plus underlays
Interior walls: Porotherm PLS 500, glued
External ground surfacing: Water permeable Wienerberger clay pavers
Building services & heating technology
Supplementary energy: solar panels (21 panels/house)
Condensing boiler - 12kW
Type D ventilation with heat recovery

Project information

Project: The Sustainable Compound, a compound of seven houses in Waregem, Belgium
Contractor: ERIBO BUILDING & IMMO, Waregem
Architect: Wielfaert Architecten, Waregem
Landscape architect: Fris in het Landschap, Ghent
Technical adviser: 3E (consultant on renewable energy and BREEAM assessor)

The e4 Sustainable Compound – The culmination of ecological and economical living.

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