e4 day care center in Germany

Day care centre with room for 72 children in Heidenau, Germany
Day care centre with room for 72 children in Heidenau, Germany © Deutsche POROTON GmbH / Gerhard Zwickert

Day care centre meeting the highest demands

Building for children is always a challenge. And the same is true for meeting the strict provisions for sustainable and economic operation. The day care centre in Heidenau near Dresden meets all criteria of the e4 brick house concept by Wienerberger: energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, affordable construction, and maintenance costs as well as a unique quality of living. Thick skin built of clay blocks The one-storey volume is a curved new building made of massive Wienerberger clay blocks with integrated insulation. Owing to its organic building shape, a generously glazed south façade, a landscaped roof, and sophisticated building services, the day nursery is more than just a visual highlight. The Heidenau day care centre combines functionality and creativity, energy efficiency and well-being, and on top of that, is also saves operating costs.

Optimal energy consumption

Enormous energy savings are achieved through meticulous planning, building materials suitable for passive houses and highly efficient ventilation technology with heat recovery. The massive masonry built of insulation-filled clay blocks by Wienerberger provides the healthy, air-tight and simultaneously breathable basis of the building. Wall heating in all group rooms ensures an especially mild radiant heat and, together with the clay blocks, a healthy as well as biologically optimal indoor climate.
The solar thermal system additionally supports the water heating system with a fraction of 70 percent. Externally mounted sliding shading elements protect against overheating in summer. Being equipped with these components, the day care centre has an annual heating energy consumption (according to PHPP) of 13 kWh/m2a.

Model for children

Through the organic architecture, the conscious closeness of the environment, low energy consumption and increased comfort owing to building materials promoting healthy living, the 72 children experience from a very young age the importance of an ecological and energy-efficient building method for one’s personal well-being and the protection of the environment.

Key Data

Usable floor area: 715 m2
Primary energy consumption: 106.5 kWh/m²a
Thermal heat consumption: 13 kWh/m²a
Monolithic masonry with integrated insulation
Exterior walls: 42.5 cm Poroton-T8-P filled with Perlit
0,18 W/m²K
Building services & heating technology
Thermal solar system
District heating connection
Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
Wall heating
738 l buffer memory with integrated water storage

Project information

Project: Day care centre with room for 72 children in Heidenau, Germany
Architect: Architectural partnership Reiter & Rentzsch, Dresden

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