Dwelling between party walls, Spain

woman lookig outside the window brick wall with holes spain
Dwelling between party walls, Spain © Javier Callejas

Architects Moises Royo Marquez, PhD Architect, Spain
Location Piedrabuena, Spain
Construction period 07.2016 - 03.2017
Nomination category
Building outside the box
Purpose Single home and office
Usable floor area 115 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Piedrabuena, a small town of 5000 inhabitants, is located 200 kilometres south of Madrid. Brick constructions are very common there. They can be found nearly everywhere and, for that reason, bricks were chosen for this build, too. The project is nestled in a small space just 2.5 metres wide and 10 metres long, which made planning quite challenging. At the rear of the building, the plot opens onto a courtyard. To the front, behind the door, a stairway leads to three small rooms with two integrated cubes that house a toilet and the housing technology. On the first floor, there is a bedroom, the living room and a cube containing the bathroom and the kitchen, with a loggia facing the street. All rooms receive daylight from above, because there are no windows due to the fact that the property is constructed between neighbouring houses. In order to integrate into its environment, the house was built up with bricks arranged both vertically and horizontally, creating an open structure through which sunbeams cast a shimmering light. The façade is multifunctional – its relief creates a striking play between light and shadow and, when dampened  by rain, it provides a good indoor climate.

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