Discover the e4 brick house in Watford, UK

E4 brick house Watford, UK

As part of Wienerberger’s initiative for sustainable and affordable housing, the e4 brick house was built in Watford (UK) in 2015. It has been designed to become an archetype for the future of housing and deliver on our mission to offer solutions for a better quality of life. Using a fabric-first approach, and uniquely adaptable to the demands of modern living, the e4 brick house combines sustainability, affordability and desirability. The official opening ceremony took place in June 2015 with Lord John Prescott.
Located in the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, the house can be viewed by simply requesting an appointment via the UK website.


The development took place in collaboration with engineering consultancy ARUP, who have a global reputation for producing innovative and sustainable designs. As with other e4 brick houses, the UK version is also built around the 4 e’s – economy, energy, environment and emotion.
The house is
  • A house offering optimum build performance, while meeting market needs in an affordable, accessible way. (economy)
  • A house that focuses on the efficient use of energy, meeting the latest energy performance standards (energy)
  • A house that minimises its environmental impact by using responsibly sourced, resource efficient materials and promoting low-impact living. (environment)
  • A house that people will want to live in. A house that not only provides flexibility and practicality, but also delivers a better quality of life. (emotion)

Energy efficiency

To many home owners and tenants, energy efficiency has become a key requirement. By using Wienerberger’s most energy efficient clay products, a hybrid heat pump and including optional solar panels, the e4 brick house represents a highly economic and ecological housing concept. Naturally, the energy consumption of the e4 house in Watford is being monitored closely: Initial results have shown that the annual energy bill is less than GBP 230 per year, which means less than GBP 20 per month. Good news for any home-owner, tenant or operator!

Flexible concept

And finally, the UK version has been designed with scalability in mind. All aspects of the design (materials, method, design) can easily be transferred to a smaller scale (a two-bedroom terraced house),  or to larger buildings (five-bedroom detached house) or even to apartment dwellings
To book a viewing via the UK website, please click here.
For further information, please visit Wienerberger UK.

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