De Gouverneur, The Netherlands

red brick textured facade detail view De Gouverneur Rotterdam
De Gouverneur Rotterdam, Netherlands © Ossip

Architects architectuurMAKEN, The Netherlands
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Construction period 03.2016 - 07.2016
Nomination category Building outside the box
Purpose House and office
Usable floor area 120 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

This house near the centre of Rotterdam was built by architects for themselves.  The area is densely built up so, in order to ensure daylight could reach neighbouring buildings, the size of the site was limited. The house was therefore constructed over four flours with a single room on each floor, and a small alley leads to the garden. Interestingly, this simple, yet elegant house conceals an ambitious story behind - or  rather within – its brick façade. Because the building industry accounts for  40% of all waste produced in The Netherlands, the architects decided to use a brick made out of recycled materials to build their own house. They collaborated with the start-up StoneCycling to produce the bricks. The materials used for these bricks range from waste glass to ceramic and bricks, resulting in a rich palette of colours and textures. From the outside, the bricks do not appear to differ from other bricks, but once they are cut they reveal their unique features.  The architects saw this as an opportunity and  used cut bricks in a decorative pattern over the façade. This building therefore embodies the motto of this architectural  practice: pay “attention to the beauty of sustainability and the sustainability of beauty.”    

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