Daoiz y velarde cultural centre, Spain

Daoíz y velarde cultural centre, Rafael De La-Hoz © Alfonso Quiroga
Daoíz y velarde cultural centre, Rafael De La-Hoz © Alfonso Quiroga

Architects Rafael De La-Hoz, Spain
Location Madrid, Spain
Construction period 01.2007 - 10.2013
Nomination category Re-Use
Purpose Cultural centre
Usable foor area 6 850 m²
Brick type Clay blocks, facing bricks

Located in the complex of former Daoíz y Velarde barracks, this project aims at preserving the architecture of this distinguished example of industrial and military construction in Madrid, thus ensuring the continuity of the city’s architectural heritage. The objective was to respect the basic geometry of the existing building, as well as its saw-tooth metal structure and the brick-built façade.
The interior space was emptied to create a shell for the Cultural Centre, which is divided into two areas with separate entry points and circulation areas, but with a strong visual and spatial connection between them. Both areas provide the possibility of adapting them to different types of events. A newly created intermediate space separates the former hall from the new uses to bring the character of the existing building to the fore and set up a protective filter towards the exterior. These intervening spaces establish visual connections that foster variations in the spatial experience. A generous communal space has been created at the entry points; a place to meet, interact, but also to be used for exhibitions. This area works as a covered agora, as if the square outside is extended into the building.
The refurbishment of this former industrial building has been done in a sustainable way as regards energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy systems.

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