Cluster House, Switzerland

Cluster House, Duplex Architekten AG © Johannes Marburg
Cluster House, Duplex Architekten AG © Johannes Marburg

Architect Duplex Architekten, Switzerland
Location Hunziker Areal, Zurich, Switzerland
Construction period 04.2013 - 02.2015
Nomination category Residential Use
Purpose Cluster apartments, shared living space
Usable floor area 6 890 m²
Brick type Perlite filled clay blocks

A new residential area in Zurich is nearing completion and will comprise thirteen buildings, all named alphabetically. Cluster-Haus is a five-storey building with monolithic construction using highly insulating clay blocks for the load-bearing walls. The architects intended to avoid the construction of just another estate; instead, they wanted to create a new quarter. The project stands for a new type of living and might be an example of how we can live together in urban areas in the future. The building provides a variety of so called cluster apartments, a new type of large shared apartments allowing the tenants different forms of living, such as multi-generational living. Various small cluster flats with a shared kitchen provide a social living space for elderly people, single parents and students alike. The ground floor is reserved for the community as a whole and serves as a communal area with a zone providing a workspace for artists or start-up companies.

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