Cloaked in Bricks, Iran

red textured brick facade detail view Cloaked in Bricks Iran
Cloaked in Bricks, Iran © Mostafa Karbasi

Architects Admun Studio, Iran
Location Teheran, Iran
Construction period 2015
Nomination category

Building outside the box

Purpose Housing
Usable floor area 800 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

Located in Teheran, Iran, “Cloaked in Bricks” was inspired by the chaotic urban texture of the fast growing city. To provide a private, yet visually appealing, living environment, the architects created a brick membrane for the façade of this residential building. Brick façades are a symbol of the traditional urban space in Iran, although they are now often omitted by contemporary architects due to a lack of innovation in the use of bricks. This project aims to show how this traditional material can be used to create a modern design. Software was used to calculate the precise level of light in the indoor space, and the building’s membrane structure was planned and assembled from modules with screw joints, so that each module is easy to repair or replace. In addition to the innovative design, the brick membrane preserves the residents’ privacy and provides sound insulation. Furthermore, thanks to the high thermal capacity of bricks and the air space between the façade and the building, the living space is cooled passively. “Cloaked in Bricks” combines tradition and modernity in a sustainable and innovative façade solution.

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